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CCF has 60,000+ individual members

CCF began to develop individual members since 2004, and no individual members paid before. Those members are mainly from domestic China, and some are from out of China. By October, 2019, CCF has more than 60,000 individual members, which is ten times growth in past 10 years.

CCF Elected a New President

The 12th CCF Members of Congress meeting was held in Suzhou on October 19-20, 2019. More than 450 member representatives and board member candidates from all over the country elected the new president Prof. MEI Hong.

See You in Shenzhen @ CNCC2020

2019 China Computer Congress (CNCC2019) was successfully held in Suzhou from 17-19 Oct., attracting more than 8000 professionals to the conference, the number of attendees was larger than that of the previous years, and then reached a new record. So far, CCF has successfully hosted CNCC for 16 years.

CCF Elite Collegiate Awarding Ceremony held in Suzhou

CCF Elite Collegiate award is to advocate college students to be aggressive, seek knowledge and truth, and encourage outstanding students. The award is selected once a year since 2012 and more than 700 students have won this award in the past eight years.